Thursday, October 20, 2005

Days of R.O.S.E. No More

I'm renaming this to "Memories of R.O.S.E." since I am no longer playing Rose. (Damn, I almost added a "for now" to the end of the previous sentence, but I managed to stop myself after considering for a split second how unlikely that would be.)

I have gone from Flyff to Gate to Heaven to d.o. Online to Lineage II to Conquer Online to a 15-day free trial of Seal Online (admittedly, some were played more fleetingly). After playing Rose, I have never ever said any other game was good, but Seal has managed to change that. O_O

Image Hosted by
At lvl 13.

Image Hosted by
Some sneaky monster just hit me from behind!

The results of being in an area with far too difficult monsters, all in the spirit of exploration.

Image Hosted by
Kupfel in a Gackt-like1 getup.

Image Hosted by
Previous shots were in 3D mode; the rest are either in Cartoon or I-forgot-what-other-mode.

Image Hosted by
Kupfel at lvl 4X? That's his pet hovering above.

Image Hosted by
Letting off fireworks

Image Hosted by
Fireworks that can't be bought from a NPC.

Seal is rather similar to Rose and, dare I say... even better in some ways?
  • There are more quests.
  • There are more NPCs with dialogue that makes the story element of the game stronger. (I'm a sucker for storylines.)
  • Characters can have pets.
  • Characters can be in relationships which gives out rewards the longer a couple is together in-game.
I had played the Japanese version just to try it out. It's P2P with a free trial that lasts for 15 days. Some other versions are actually free now but I'm not playing those due to language barriers or some other shit.

Instead, I am waiting for the English version of Seal Online to come out with an open beta some time before the year end.

1 I had picked that picture to show why that outfit reminded me of Gackt. Unfortunately, that picture doesn't do him justice so here's another one.

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Monday, September 05, 2005

Kupfel: ROSE is teh deadness!

In the off chance that you might be reading this, hi Evil! *waves*

Anyway, according to the posts in Roseguru, the IRose server closed down on August 31 2005 at 11:01 p.m. (GMT +8)

Image Hosted by

Kerene on Roseguru posted a notice that was on the IRose site:

[Notice]Closing International ROSE Online Open Beta serv...

Dear all

This is I-Rose Chief GM from Gravity.

I am here today to let you know that after 7 months beta testing, and now, we will have to close the I-Rose servers at 31th August 2005.

Its been my pleasure to spend those time with you. You support, love, suggestion and even criticism are truly appreciated. Recently, we've experienced a surge of hacking and other managerial issue, we deeply apologize for that, we believe that we are just experiencing the pain of growth, but ROSE Online definitely will be greatly improved with your attention and love.

You will soon again enjoy "ROSE" in our European and US server, we will put our best effort to provide you a more mature and stable ROSE Online.

Once again, your sincere love and interest will be remembered here forever.

Thank you very much!


When I first read this, I was like "Wah, I didn't know there was a Chief GM." Yeah, I should've been shocked except that I didn't find out that IRose closed from that notice or Roseguru. Rather, Kupfel found out and I heard it from him.

Image Hosted by

Apparently, the notice first appeared on 29 August but was taken down shortly after. Then it was up again.

Here's some choice tidbits from Roseguru...

Zef's post after the notice went up: "
I recommend jumping online if you're not already. Total anarchy. PK everywhere. Get jumped when spawning in CF. Best way to get PK is to say something about losers who bought stuff on ebay."

More laughs at the6thmonkey: "
i was playing roseon and i hot lvl 66 when i heard that horible news and my friend was lvl 68 at first i tried to figure out what was going on confused1.gif man angeryness. we were so happy bout the 2nd job the look on our young innocent faces would have brought a tear to the eye of a murder on death row....." XD

And this made me laugh a lot too:

Image Hosted by

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, so the notice went up, then later the site went down, and when the site was finally up again, it looks like it does now; just shows the links to different versions of ROSE in other countries.



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Monday, August 15, 2005

The Current State of Things

I haven't played Rose in quite a while now.

A few days ago, I was still playing Lineage II on the KittenKatKlub private server...

Image Hosted by

But now, I'm on to Conquer Online. O_O

It's... all right. But it's not as madly addicting as Rose was, nowhere near that at all.

Anyway, based on RoseGuru, it seems that there's a PvP hack that allows peeps to attack anyone in town. The hack was released on Gamerzplanet.

Image Hosted by

And... Oh hell, shall copy & paste, since this guy, Faseli on RoseGuru, seems to have summed it up well:

LOL, it's worse than ever before.

The value of the Vital Jam +5 has skyrocketed to double what it was before.

Mana Jams have gone down from billions in value to only roughly 7-10 million.

Mask of Lies and several other Union items have been duped/exploited to hell, significantly decreasing their value.

Since duping has been a lot harder as of recent, the prices of even duped gems have gone up slightly.

And, that's not all, about a week ago unique duping exploded to new heights before it was patched, so you'll surely be seeing hundreds of people with uniques.

To my knowledge, there are now more Shining Fingers than either Chakrams or Zamadars; more Bows of Sagittarius than either Bows of Artemis of Bows of the Fairies; more Fausts than Gatling Multi-Launchers; more Firangi-Firangis than Falchion-Gladii or Falchion-Firangis; more Chronicle Staffs than Lunar or Shining Staffs; more Crystal Wands than Coyote or Dust Wands; et cetera. So, obviously, all level 3 uniques were duped, and many clans are responsible for putting uniques in the hands of their members and the public (naming them would be pointless as it doesn't matter anymore, and would get me on their KoS lists).

There are less hackers than before; most people playing exploit bugs that allows one to do something such as dupe, and if not that, leech from the hackers/dupers and the fruits of their lack of labor.

Unless you've spent a considerable time on a character, have a unique/billions of zuly, or connections of your own; iRose is certainly not worth putting much effort or time into at its current FUBAR state. It's in a sad state, unfortunately with no foreseeable reprieve from the top-heavy economy and partial nudity.

Image Hosted by

The issue of IRose and GamesRouter's contradictory statements have yet to be resolved as well. (GamesRouter: IRose will close; IRose: IRose will not be closing on mid-August as being said; someone's reply from GamesRouter again stating IRose will close...)

GamesRouter's people are being dodgy about the whole thing as well on their own forum.

So yeah, just repeating the conclusion that the game is quite fucked up at the moment. Sadly so, in fact. T_T

UPDATE: More takes on the definition of "FUBAR"...

#1 as defined by

#2 Kupfel gets quoted: "Actually it's not 1. F*cked up beyond all reason. I suppose that abbreviation was invented later. It's actually misunderstandment of the german word 'furchtbar', which means horrible or frightening. I think it's from one of the world wars where Americans heard Germans say that. They had that in 'Saving Private Ryan' too (I think it was that movie ._.)."

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Random Pics from Lineage

Yeah, this ain't a post on Rose.

I have no idea if Europe Rose has launched, nor do I have any idea of IRose's fate. I'd check it out after this entry and after some sleep.

Anyway, I've been playing a lot of Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle, so here's some cropped screenshots.

Only Dark Elves here in the screenshots...

Image Hosted by
Pretty NPC Gatekeeper Merian.

Image Hosted by
Pretty NPC & Kupfel.

Image Hosted by
Pretty NPC & me.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Kupel & me in another reincarnation.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

How To Register for JRose v2.0

Go to

And then...

Step 1:

Click on the orange button.

Step 2:

Image Hosted by

Click on this in the left.

Step 3:

Image Hosted by

Click on the left radio button then the light blue button.

Step 4:

Image Hosted by

Fill in all the fields then check your Account ID with the blue button.

If the ID you entered is new (not used by anyone else), you will see this:

Image Hosted by

Click on the confirm button.

Step 5:

Image Hosted by

Click on the left one to confirm all information entered.

Step 6:

Remember this

Image Hosted by

and keep clicking on it when you see it. It will bring you to the end of the registration process.

Yes, I got lazy and didn't want to go through the registering again. -_-;;;

But that should be enough to get you through it.

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Just for Jimmy

Bad news that I shall not comment on for today...


This was me as Knight in Mighty Armour and Mighty Helm before reset...

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

And this was Kupfel as his lvl 11one 111 Champ.

Image Hosted by

That was a Grand Morning Star (4) I was holding, and the colour of the Ruby (1)1 changes from pink in the day to almost blue at night.

Image Hosted by

One of these guys drop them2...

Image Hosted by

Ok, ending with this...

Image Hosted by

1 Before reset, that was the one and only Ruby I ever had, and it was from Kupfel.

2 No, the goblins do not drop them. Joke, joke.

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

I'm with the Dark Side

Image Hosted by

We were talking about IRose closing and how we felt about it, when Kupfel revealed his true calling in Rose:

Image Hosted by

Suddenly, some hawker or soldier ran past Kupfel and straight into the darkness. :O

Image Hosted by

See? I was gonna type, "doesn't that make it worse?"

I tried to resist the Dark Side, but alas, I'm no match for teh evilness that is Kupfel.

Image Hosted by

I should've known something was wrong just based on those funny eye brows!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Image Hosted by

I got blocked for 20 minutes on 9 July 2005. -_-;;

By this character by the name of HiddenGM (no, no blue GM tag).

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by


I whispered him later, and amazingly his whisper was on. I would've thought he would turn whispers off to avoid all those annoying requests/begs, such as this:

Image Hosted by

Anyway, I somehow forgot to take a screenshot of it, but the conversation went like...

Me: why did you block me earlier?

Him: lol for fun

Me: -_-;;

Me: and i thought u had a better reason than that

Me: o well

Him: i'm doing my work

Me: doing your work = blocking me?

Me: go and block those who are spamming

Him: i did

Me: good.



And this is from yesterday:

Image Hosted by

Talk about a new low for beggars. And that horrible GreenDragon.

Anyway it led to this lil conversation:

Image Hosted by


UPDATE: A friend has alerted me to the fact that "odjuret = the beast (wolf like creature)", "an old swedish word".

Hmm, so I guess I'm taking back my words, specifically "And that horrible GreenDragon".

And if they are friends, I'd take back everything I said on that since I do say the most uh, horrible(?) things too with some friends.

2nd UPDATE: Another friend pointed out that GreenDragon might not know what odjuret means, or might not be swedish, so he might still be a mean lil bastard (last three words mine, not my friend's). And that's a lot of might's. ._.

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